In 2005, the Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance (RBCA), based in Seward Alaska, formed to advance the environmental integrity of our community. We focus on watershed issues like air and water pollution, protection and restoration of habitat, reducing bear and human conflicts, pursuing new energy sources and weighing in on development proposals.

Resurrection Bay is precious. Glaciers spilling out of both the Harding and Sargent Icefields push down to treeline or tideline, unnamed peaks recede along the horizon and in the Bay itself, sea mammals, pelagic birds, and salmon do their thing. Perched on an alluvial fan at the head of the Bay, Seward hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors drawn by the same natural beauty and wildness that keeps locals here throughout the year.

Since the establishment of Kenai Fjords National Park in 1980, Seward's economic base has shifted toward tourism. Tourism relies on an intact ecosystem and all its attributes. That's what we try to protect.

Seen any insults or crimes against our environment that need to be addressed? Call our hotline 224-7607 or 491-0353. Anonymity guaranteed!

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Easily accessible vistas draw many to the Seward area.
Juneau Lake winter ice.
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to advocate for and enjoy healthy water, land, and air.

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Where We Are
We recently closed our office to redirect our resources toward on-the-ground conservation efforts rather than rent.

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Board & Staff
A generous group of people donate their time. We are governed by a 5 member (currently) board and energized by two half time staff members.
Meet the Board & Staff

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Dozens of active volunteers can be counted on to further good things in Seward. Thanks! We invite you to become involved with our efforts to keep our community's environment healthy.

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We are primarily directed by our members. Your input, donations of time and money are critical to our success.

RBCA office opening