Fishing Line Collection Recycling Project:

Remember to recycle your fishing line!
Now that fishing season is almost upon us, here’s a reminder that there are monofiliment recycling receptacles in several locations around town, including the harbor and most beach areas. Fishing line is known to entangle fish and birds. Even when it’s taken to a dump there is still a chance it will harm wildlife. In an effort to reduce this threat, RBCA built and installed recycling containers in 2009, with funding from the Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center (OASLC).

Please deposit any of your unwanted or unusable line and we’ll be happy to make sure it is disposed of properly. RBCA will be periodically emptying these containers throughout the summer and sending it to a recycling facility. This winter, we sent in almost
5 pounds of monofiliment line that was collected last summer.

Here's wheree stations are located: both boat ramps in the harbor, the culverts just south of the harbor, at Miller's Landing, the Alaska SeaLife Center RV parking lot, at Tim McDonald's Salmon Creek property, and at Spring Creek beach. Our local Boy Scout troop provided the manpower and assembled our specially-designed PVC pipe containers. The Boy Scouts also install a post and container at the Lowell Point State Park beach. Containers are also planned to be installed , at the Lowell Creek water falls, and at the south harbor uplands area. RBCA extends a big thanks to all involved parties, especially the City Parks and Rec. Department for either assisting or for allowing our containers to be place on their property.

Monofilimant map
olivia and line recycle
University of Hawaii intern Olivia Schubert helped create this line recycling program

Ann Ghicadus collects tangle from Lowell Point