The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) AmeriCorps members are working hard towards improving recycling here in Seward, RBCA has been providing encouragement. They recently set up a talk on March 11 for the community to meet with an Alaska Waste representative about recycling. There was a great turn out and lots of information put old rumors to rest. Here are some of the more important findings:

Does glass get recycled? Glass is currently
not recycled because there is no market for it, but it is crushed and used for other purposes such inert fill. This not only saves shipping costs for disposal in the landfill but also saves on landfill space. Please sort-out your glass.

What should I do with shredded paper – should I leave it in the bag? Yes, because if not it can just get blown around in transport, becoming contaminated and therefore unusable.

Does tape on cardboard boxes contaminate the load? No, you can leave tape on cardboard boxes.

Can printed thin cardboard be recycled: Yes - “Cereal” type boxes can be recycled along with mixed paper, office paper, magazines and junk-mail. It can all be mixed together. Just newsprint needs to be separated.

all plastics 1 and 2 recycled? No! It seems complicated but only narrow necked plastic containers can be recycled. Other containers are a slightly different type of plastic

The ASLC AmeriCorps members are encouraging Alaska Waste to re-write their signs so that people using the transfer station get this critical information. They are also working on recycling outreach by volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club in April to create art collages out of recyclable materials.

The AmeriCorps members at the Alaska SeaLife Center are working towards a better recycling plan here in Seward. In an effort to better understand the people of Seward’s needs and ideas they have put together an online survey that anyone can fill out. This information will aid the volunteers as they work towards how to best serve Seward. Please take a moment to fill out the survey.