This blurb is borrowed from our friends at the Sierra Club:

Take action to protect Alaskan wild salmon streams from being destroyed for more coal mines.


Right now, an out of state coal company is trying to mine through nearly 14 miles of wild salmon streams. Today, Governor Walker's administration opened a 15-day public comment period on an Instream Flow Application for Middle Creek, a critical salmon spawning tributary of the Chuitna River. We now have the opportunity to weigh in on the important choice between salmon or coal. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is deciding right now whether or not they are going to grant PacRim Coal the permit to mine through these important streams. They need to hear from Alaskans like us who depend on the salmon that will be impacted by this mine. Tell the DNR: When it comes to stream flows in Alaska, salmon come first. We don’t want to open the door to companies that would hurt salmon -- and the people who depend on them -- for corporate profits. It’s time to tell PacRim and companies that would follow their lead that Alaskans choose salmon, not strip mines. Whenever the DNR makes water use decisions, it must always consider salmon first and protect the aquatic systems we need to keep our salmon runs healthy and safe. This choice goes beyond just salmon or coal. We need to ensure DNR stands with the Alaskan way of life and the fish we all depend on by putting salmon first in their decisions on the in-stream flow application for the Chuitna river. Take action to protect Alaskan wild salmon streams from being destroyed for more coal mines. Thank you for all you do for Alaska’s environment. Sincerely, Laura Comer Alaska Beyond Coal Campaign P.S. Please share this important petition with your friends and family in Alaska: Share this action on Facebook Share this action on Twitter