What to do about irresponsible camping along Exit Glacier Road?

RBCA is hosting a public forum to begin to identify permanent solutions to this chronic and complex issue. March 20th at the Seward Marine Center Rae Building Auditorium, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

It is no secret that some campers along Exit Glacier (Herman Leirer) Road can at times be an unruly lot, especially during our busy summers. Law enforcement personnel are often overwhelmed by the number of call-outs to this area over the 4th of July holiday, often responding to accidents and crimes alike.

This public forum will invite all stakeholders to discuss the challenges and begin to identify potential solutions. Key stakeholders include the surrounding land management agencies (DNR, USFS, NPS & CIRI), State Troopers, and local residents. pasted-graphicpasted-graphic-1 Twice a year the Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance (RBCA) organizes citizen volunteers to remove and dispose of the trash left at campsites by irresponsible visitors of the Box Canyon area and along miles 2 to 6 of Exit Glacier Road. Local residents do their best to keep this area clean in between the organized clean-ups. There are approximately twenty unofficial campsites in this area, producing a staggering amount of garbage. Often campsites are abandoned with sometimes months of garbage and human waste left for others to deal with. At Box Canyon several cars have been abandoned and one was lit on fire. The number of beer and alcohol bottles, as well as spent firearm rounds is overwhelming. In mid-July, 2012, the Soldotna 4-H group spent a half day working with RBCA to clean up Box Canyon and a few other sites along Exit Glacier Road. Their 4-H Coordinator was shocked and amazed that this magnitude of abuse is tolerated. Please save this date and plan on attending so that your knowledge and ideas can be part of a solution. The public must get involved or this problem will continue to have negative impacts on locals, visitors, and wildlife. pasted-graphic-2

Camping abuse along Exit Glacier Road and the Box Canyon camping area March 20th at the Seward Marine Center Rae Building Auditorium, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Compelling photos

Problems associated with uncontrolled camping along Exit Glacier Road

• Evidence of shooting - cartridges, shells, broken glass
• Sanitation - human waste
• Broken glass - abundant and widespread
• Parking on EG road shoulder
• Dirt roads perpendicular to EG road are a safety hazard
Environmental damage:
• Oil spills from crankcase oil
• Cut trees for campfires
• Cut large (some >1 meter diameter) trees for firewood
• Scarred trees
• New roads
• Vegetation damage
• Litter ends up in ocean
• Abandoned cars
• Voluminous trash and litter
• Bears in occupied camps are a threat to human safety
• Bears in abandoned unclean camps lead to habituation
• Dozens of fire pits and rings
• Fireworks in dry tinder
• Danger of uncontrolled wildland fire
Community disturbance:
• Intoxicated people
• Underage drinking
• Noise from parties - especially July 3-5
• Trespass on private land
• Impact to immediate landowners
• Aesthetics
• Trash reduces community attractiveness and visitation

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 11.20.14 AM
Location of roads, campfire and trash pits plus area of cut trees at Box Canyon

Box Cnyn aer w ownership
Land ownership at Box Canyon

Res riv
Resurrection River, Box Canyon, and Exit Glacier Road

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 10.49.03 AM
Location of defacto campsites along the Exit Glacier Road

Found at Box Canyon July 7 2011
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