Removing toxic waste & eyesores from our watershed

We all notice those old trashy cars that get abandoned at our favorite trailhead or remote stream-side location. As these cars sit and slowly decay, their gas tanks leak and their motor oil and brake fluids seep into the soil and groundwater. These cars create little toxic waste sites in addition to their trashy looks.


RBCA decided to take action, and contacted a few local businesses to see if they would be interested in helping. To our delight, we found willing assistants. On two occasions, Resurrection Rentals provided their long extension forklift, which can reach up to 50 feet away and lift a full size vehicle. In the fall of 2009 Sampson Tug & Barge provided an 18 wheeler flatbed truck and 5 cars were removed from an unofficial shooting range. In 2010, Blaine Bardarsen provided an 18-wheel side-dump truck and 5 cars were removed from the Grouse Lake area, 3 cars were removed from the mile 14 Seward Highway pullout and one car was removed from upper Camelot. RBCA volunteers worked to drain, collect, and properly dispose of all car fluids. The forklift really is the perfect tool, it can hold the cars suspended just above head height while volunteers find the drain plugs and collect the toxic fluids. We hope to continue this work whenever cars are found on public lands. Please contact RBCA if you know of any abandoned cars and/or are interested in helping. RBCA thanks these businesses and volunteers for assisting with this meaningful community improvement project.

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