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Please Submit Comments for the Protection of Prince William Sound
Due date: Friday 2/19/16

The Chugach National Forest is requesting public comments on their current management plan revision for Prince William Sound (PWS).  We value PWS as our precious backyard and this is a vital opportunity to let the USFS know the importance of its continued preservation.  The proposed revision could jeopardize the current economic (fishing, subsistence, tourism) and recreational uses of the Sound.

Please consider including some of these points in your comments: 

Recommit to the long-standing Alaska Region policy to preserve the area’s wilderness character, with clear language to leave it undeveloped, untrammeled and nonmotorized (boats, airplanes, and snow machine traffic would continue under ANILCA’s “traditional activities”)

Follow the 1994 Exxon Valdez oil spill recovery plan’s goals to restore the Sound’s recreation, wilderness and conservation values.

Recommend Congress permanently protect Knight Island and the rest of the wilderness study area to secure today’s protections for the future.

Recommend purchase of subsurface estate on all Exxon Valdez oil spill acquired lands and manage them for conservation and wilderness purposes as stipulated in the
purchase agreements.

Read more from author Marybeth Holleman

more from author Chenga conservationist Kate McLaughlin

Plan is here

It’s time for us to stand up and give back to the Prince William Sound!
Please take 5 minutes and submit your comments to the USFS at this link: