Volunteers are always welcome.

There are always ways you can get involved with RBCA. Some tasks are easy and quick, like stamping envelopes or distributing flyers. More adventurous volunteers can coordinate an event like a movie or lecture. RBCA staff will provide all the support and guidance you need.

Digital Poster Designer
     We frequently need posters and fliers and other graphics to advertise events and projects; having a reliable person to handle this would be a huge help.

Water Quality Monitoring
     Interested in spending more time outdoors? Help us collect data from local streams.  You'll collect water samples and record data.  This is actually a lot of fun and will create baseline data useful for decades to come.

Movie & Lecture Series Coordinator
     RBCA wants to elevate and organize our Movie & Lecture Series (Sept. to April). If you like to organize fun and meaningful events contact us.

Beach and River Cleanup Volunteer
     Join us for a day of fun on the Bay and on Resurrection River. We'll collect and document trash and leave the place a lot nicer than we found it. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy an evening of food (provided) and friends. Usually in April

Wildlife Conservation Community Program Promoter
     There are several key neighborhoods where bears are a common visitor. Help spread the word about our Bear Resistant Garbage Containers. This can be one afternoon or more, it's up to you.